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We recently completed construction on Desert Storm Elite in Scottsdale, Arizona. We installed a 63kW Photovoltaic Solar System which included a custom ballasted system for the owner to eliminate all roof penetrations.

A 4.9 Star Rating on Google...

The process has gone exactly according to schedule. The salesperson (Karl) set a timeline and kept to it. The installlation crew was very knowledgeable and hard working. They were on the roof (over 100 degrees that day) for over 8 hours. When they finished everything was perfect. They even painted the conduit for us. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get solar and save same money.
Steve Anders
Steve Anders
20:07 23 Jun 18
I’ve worked with a number of solar companies over the years. I’ve been super impressed with Nerd Power and their commitment to their customers. Their model of reducing the energy the home uses before producing power with solar makes complete sense. Highly recommended.
Sam B.
Sam B.
16:06 28 Jun 18
We recently worked with Dallas Howell of NERD Power to purchase and install a new solar system for our home in Tucson. Dallas was very knowledgeable, professional and responsive. The communications with the company were also professional and prompt, notifying us of the steps involved in the design, permitting and installation process. The install was completed by three NERD employees who were both timely and professional. The overall experience working with Dallas and the NERD Power team was exceptional. Based on our very positive experience, we would recommend this team to other homeowners or businesses!
Roger Spring
Roger Spring
01:41 19 Feb 18
From our very first meeting with Cygell, our Project Manager, we appreciated the open, honest and responsive dialog we had with her. She has, from Day 1, been completely receptive and available to us throughout every step of the process. We had questions. She would answer them immediately. The communications throughout the project phases was really outstanding. We always knew what was happening and when. Simply put: they did what they said they were going to do. As time goes on (and we are live with our solar now) we are more satisfied and convinced we aligned with a great company who puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. On more than one occasion, they went over and above any expectations we had to demonstrate their commitment to us as customers. It says a lot about the character of the leadership of this company. We highly recommend N.E.R.D Power and if you are lucky enough to have Cygell to work with, you will be delighted.
Deb Mann
Deb Mann
15:45 20 Jun 18
NERD Power is an awesome company. I love workin for them because the model is far superior than any other solar company I’ve been able to find. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. If you’re looking for a company that has your best interest in mind this is the company for you.
Zack Reed
Zack Reed
20:19 14 Feb 18
Tim and Derrick were flexible with my crazy schedule to sit down and really talk about financing. They were very knowledgeable and patient with my tons of questions. We're confident in our purchase and very happy with process. I highly recommend these two sales consultants to anybody looking to go solar.
Matt Behnken
Matt Behnken
18:10 22 Feb 18
I absolutely love these guys! They reduce the amount of electricity you use first with adding insulation, LED lights, etc... then add Solar panels after. What I love about this is that by making my home more efficient, it puts a lot less wear on my A/C system and internal components, as well as costing me less, because I now don’t have to purchase as large of a Solar system! Check these guys out if you haven’t already. They can save you a lot of money every month with nothing out of pocket. I’ve already referred family & friends to them!
Trent Allen
Trent Allen
19:22 23 Jan 18
I really want to like this company but I can’t help but feel that they are preying on peoples ignorance. They seem to have a good product and customer service skills but are shady on the financial end. The only documentation they are willing to produce is the customer agreement and the credit application. I believe their business model is to charge you the max dividend (the finance company) is willing to loan for the promised system. After some research the best I can tell is their markup is about 400%. For example: a $10K solar system will cost you $30K to have them install it. I have asked multiple times for an itemized list of what I am paying for which has been promised but never received. If I had to do it all over again I would have purchased the solar system myself and hired one of the recommended contractors to install it for me. It probably would have saved me $10-20K… P.S. the solar world panels they are selling you can buy for $295 each retail from several dealers and the inverter is only $1500. When I asked them about this they tried to tell me they were refurbished panels, so I call and asked one of the vendors and they told me that they do not sell refurbished panels.
j Morgan
j Morgan
03:07 22 Sep 18
Sam, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am updating my review so there is less confusion.Pros:N.E.R.D Power is a very innovative company. They offer a complete package that addresses all the issues with purchasing Solar. Everything from older home efficiency items: Attic insulation, leaks, updated lighting programmable thermostats, demand management etc.All of their employees have been prompt, courteous and kind. They interface with everyone needed to complete your project from start to finish, HOA, Electric Company; Local Municipalities etc.Cons:Very secretive; to this day I do not know exactly what exactly I’m being charge for. As a manager and sole proprietor this does not sit well with me. I deal with Customers and Vendors every day at my place of employment as well as at my through the company I own. I would never in a million years do business this way. Most customers do not really have any idea what a project like this entails so they do not have a good idea of what it should cost. (preying on ignorance)Having managed many similar projects in the past I have a fairly good idea of what is involved. Design, permits, materials and labor. I did run some sums in my head before signing but made some bad assumptions and over estimated the cost of materials. Lets do some math using retail pricing from big box stores like Home Depot:LED Bulbs range from $1.25-$10 for your standard A19 to T12s. I have a fairly large home with about 50 light bulbs but lets double that to 100@$10 each. Nest Thermostats are $249 each. I was quoted $1500 to add 9” of insulation in my attic and seal up any leaks by home depot but lets round up to $2K. The average price for SolarWorld 295 watt mono panels is $230 but lets be generous taking into account shipping and storage fees and use $350 each this should also cover the cost the extra electrical work. I will even add in the inverter & the demand management system separate using the same method for $5K which is $2.5K each.Light Bulbs: 100 x $10 = $1000Thermostats: 2 x $249 = $498Insulation+ $2000Panels+ $350 x Number of panelsInverter $5000Installation & planning = Quoted price minus aboveDon’t get me wrong I’m all about making a profit but unless you are willing to share with me what I am paying for I stand by my estimates above. As far as I can tell the installation and planning is more than double the materials costs. I’m sure this seems fair to N.E.R.D. Power but it seems a little high to me. I do admit I could be 100% in the wrong there could be some items I did not take into account but unless you are willing to provide me with the information I requested in the beginning I can only use the information I have at hand. I would have much rather done this in private, but I have asked for this information 3 times and have yet to receive it.
j Morgan
j Morgan
21:28 22 Sep 18

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The Smart Difference

Nerd Power has pioneered a unique approach to solar energy. We call it Reduction Before Production. Simply put, we work to reduce the energy your home uses and wastes through smart technologies, before considering power production solutions like solar panels. This makes for a more cost effective system, and a better long term investment for the homeowner.

We pride ourselves on our customer experience and customer service. We are committed to making the switch to solar a simple, financially beneficial, process for each of our customers.

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Kayla B.

NERD power has extremely helpful staff and has exceeded all of my expectations so far! Definitely suggest getting a quote if you are interested in producing your own clean energy! I see immediate savings and they have made this entire process super easy!

Kayla B.
Mike M.

The team was scheduled to show up between 7 and 8, so I figured 8:15. To my surprise they rang the doorbell at 07:03. Curd and his crew were excellent my property was clean when they left. I have built several of my own homes and these guys really knew what they were doing. If you asked them a question they took the time to explain something to you. What I'm saying is they really care about doing it right (old school work ethic)!!!

Mike M.
Jocelyn H.

We recently installed solar panels with Nerd Power. There technicians were friendly and completed their work in a timely manner. When the city required a change Nerd Power made the changes and even gave us a gift card for the trouble. The company and its employees have been available for any questions or concerns during the process. We are excited to start seeing the benefits of using solar!

Jocelyn H.
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