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Your home is unique and so is your family's energy demands. Nerd Power is here to help your Nerd herd measure and reduce energy consumption and explore producing your own onsite energy through solar. Our industry leading Smart Report is tailored to your needs and delivers the energy freedom your family deserves. Welcome to the NerdFam and welcome to your Nerdified Smart Energy home! 

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The great thing about taking pride in our work is that Nerd Power has many projects to show off. Seeing is believing and we think you deserve to see the way we have helped our clients. We know that every project at Nerd Power is awesome and we think you should have the chance to see that too.

"We did our do diligence with researching solar. Had many quotes and could never find one that fit us. A coworker/friend suggested Nerd Power. Called them up and within a week we had our proposal with Cygell. Signed on the spot!! So far so good. Thanks to everyone in the process."


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Solar & Savings

Will solar save me money? Many companies will say yes for a quick sale without considering your specific circumstances and energy profile. We try to get to know you and your home and how you use energy to make sure you get the most out of your solar investment.  A solar system that’s properly sized for your lifestyle and energy profile can be a huge step towards your energy independence.  Since homes and energy use do vary, some customers see immediate savings, while others take a little longer.  So will solar save you money? For our clients here at Nerd Power, the answer is yes.

Leasing VS Owning

With a purchase, you get to keep any available incentives and once the system is paid for, the energy from the sun is free...which makes that lease payment really start to look ugly over time! Leased systems can also give you problems when trying to sell your home. Nerd Power is all about ownership and freedom, and that’s why we never sell you a leased solar system. Solar is an investment in your future, and we believe that investment should pay dividends over time, which only system ownership can maximize.

Solar systems & Utilities

Much like television and data plans, your utility company may offer many different rate plans. To complicate things further, different states and cities may have different policies regarding energy usage and how a solar system works for your home. Your plan should work in conjunction with your solar system to ensure that you are receiving the maximum savings for your lifestyle. Your energy freedom is not just financial but also how comfortably you can use electricity to fit your schedule and your lifestyle. Nerd Power hires and trains experts who understand your different utility plan options and will help design a system that fits both your lifestyle and your plan for optimal savings.

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