May 10

Don’t Mind If I “Dubai”


The geological and economic applications of solar panels have proven to be a success, the world over, literally. And here at Nerd Power, we are dedicated to learning all there is about the success of solar power, so that we may better educate ourselves, our clients, and posterity.

Much like our desert-based location of operations in Mesa, Arizona, USA – Dubai, albeit on the other side of the globe, is so close to the equator, that we actually have a lot in common. However, unlike most of Arizona, the energy consumers in Dubai have taken full advantage of their ability to harness a source of power that will never be exhausted, the sun.

Thus far, the installation of solar panels in the city of Dubai have made their electricity costs the lowest in the world! That is the result of a community coming together and realizing that if we all try a little, we can make a big difference. Not just for ourselves, but for the world.

In Arizona, our potential to alleviate the strain on our limited natural resources is in the palm of our hands, on the top of our heads, and quite frankly, it’s everywhere the sunlight touches. And when you take the time to invest in solar panels as a means to a better future for your successors, you are showing the world that you not only care about conservation, but also what type of environment you want our future generations to inherit.

At Nerd Power, we have the expertise to work with whatever type of property you are interested in powering with solar panels. We also have a ballasted system of installation that ensures zero damage to the roof of your structure, whether it’s a home or a business.

For more information, please contact any one of our well qualified staff to provide you with estimates, answer any of your questions, or anything you may want to know about the benefits of solar power.

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The United States of Approval
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