October 14

8 Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill!


Record Breaking Heat, COVID-19, and Your Energy Bill.
Hi there, Sam with Nerd Power here! Of course you don’t need us to tell you that 2020 has been a wild year on all fronts, we’ve all experienced it first hand… 

“A real doozy” would be an understatement. 

So instead of sitting around pointing out the obvious, we wanted to take a minute to shed some light on why you might be seeing higher than average energy bills. And then we’ll go over a few energy-saving tips that might help you cut down some of that cost on your monthly electric bill. 

Across the entire Southwest we have seen record breaking heat all summer long. In Arizona alone, we not so proudly set the hottest month on record in July, then turned around and smashed that record for the month of August. We’ve seen record breaking heat in all our markets from the West Coast to Texas starting in April of this year.

Now throw in the fact that we’ve all been spending so much more time at home. Whether that’s working remotely, quarantine, or just trying to escape the heat…

That makes for a hefty combo and our AC units have all been working double time to keep us cool and comfortable. And as a result, we are all seeing higher than average electric bills.

So hopefully these 8 tips can help you save a few bucks!  Enjoy the tips below!

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8 Ways To Save Some Kilowatts and Some Dollar Bills In Your Home

REPLACE THOSE AIR FILTERS – While this might seem obvious, I myself am guilty of waiting to long to replace my filters. This is key to a healthy home. Change them at least every 90 days on average, and even more frequently if you have pets or live in a dusty environment.

SHADE IS YOUR FRIEND – During the hot summer months, make sure to draw the blinds or close the shutters, keeping the cool air in and the hot air out makes a big difference in how hard your AC unit has to run to keep the temperatures inside your home level.

USE THOSE FANS – Fans help circulate the air throughout the house and create a wind chill effect. Use them when you’re in the room and turn them off when you leave the room. Just make sure they are rotating the proper direction. There’s a switch on the fan that controls which direction it rotates. It should turn counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter.

TURN YOUR OVEN OFF – If you’re whipping up a delicious, oven-baked meal, turn the oven off 5-10 minutes before cook time ends. Your food will still reach it’s delicious destination and you’ll save power while you wait.

GO LOW FLOW – Low flow water fixtures are a great way to save some money all year long. They work great on shower heads, toilets, and even your sprinklers. Make sure to water your plants and lawn early in the morning or later in the evening so the water doesn’t evaporate in the summer heat.

WASH WITH COLD WATER – Switching up your laundry and dishes routine to use cold water when possible, can help save quite a bit annually.

CHECK YOUR FRIDGE – Your refrigerator should be kept around 37 degrees and your freezer between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional cooling and freezing needs. Your refrigerator also performs best when it’s kept full. So keep it stocked so it has less airspace to cool!

USE YOUR THERMOSTAT LIKE A PRO – Avoid cranking down your thermostat when you get home, it won’t cool your home any faster and can result in excessive cooling and unnecessary expense. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. And remember, if you are on a “Time-of-Use” rate plan, save your hard-earned cash by pre-cooling your home during non-peak hours, so that your AC unit runs LESS during the on-peak hours of the day.


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