November 14

The Rapidly Changing World of Energy Efficiency


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The rapidly changing world of energy efficiency means staying up to date on more than just the latest solar and home battery products. If you’re like our Chief Nerd, CEO Babe Kilgore, then you’ll love a good back and forth about heat pumps! On Nov 14th he’ll be participating in a live panel to do just that!

As part of the NERDFAM, whether you’re a contractor, HVAC installer, or just passionate about duct work, we invite you to join Nerd Power, Pearl, and ACCA in this intimate and powerful event, where they will discuss how HVAC integrates with solar, batteries, time-of-use utility rate structures, and other technologies, as well as how those trends are accelerating through policies, the Inflation Reduction Act, economics, and market forces.NOV 14THTo hear the experts talk about the future of Air Conditioning and what it means for your home’s energy consumption and see CEO and Chief Nerd, Babe Kilgore, speak live Nov 14th at this year’s first annual SolarFORUM Click HERE. We’ll see you there!
Congratulations Pearl!

Nerd Power’s passion to make every home radically more energy-efficient means partnering with the best. One such energy partner we’ve worked alongside to accomplish our mission . . . is Pearl. With a strict home efficiency validation process, they’ve amplified the obvious reasons to go solar and changed the real estate landscape by shedding light on the seldom-appreciated resale benefits that come as a by-product of installing smart energy reduction products and roof-mounted solar. As a Pearl partner since 2019, we are proud to celebrate Pearl recently certifying its 100,000th home!

Given the value Pearl Certification offers each homeowner, that’s approximately $1 billion (yes, billion) in added home equity across 44 states and a testament to the positive economic impact that comes from smart energy reduction efforts and a well-designed solar installation. This milestone is only the first of many to come as the team at Pearl and Nerd Power reshape the narrative of how a smart home should feel and perform and our mission to raise awareness of what it truly means to make wise energy INVESTMENTS in your home.

If you know someone who’d like to learn more about how they can benefit from our Pearl Partnership and make their home a Pearl Elite, Pearl Platinum or Pearl Certified home, contact us today at 866-572-2637 and a Certified Nerd will be happy to make your home number 100,000 and 1!

Smart Energy. Smart People. Smart Planet. Smart Partnerships.


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