Nerd Power is a leader in the renewable energy space. Our reduction before production, fully integrated, customer-first approach is our ‘secret sauce’.

Industry Types

Pest Control

If your ideal customer is a Homeowner, we want to work with you!

How It Works


We sit down with you and get to know your business, how you interact with your customers, and create an approved script.


Our experienced Quality Control reps provide feedback, schedule return appointments, and generate positive reviews for your business.


We ask the homeowner if they would like to upgrade their home and offer a free energy analysis on behalf of your company.


Your customers receive their energy assessment and when they decide to upgrade their home, you receive a payout.

Nerd Power

Nerd Power is a fully integrated renewable energy company that helps home owners make their homes more energy efficient, produce their own clean energy and increase their home’s comfort while saving money on their utility bills. 

When & Who

Early adoption’ in the renewable energy space has come and gone.. Now it's simply a matter of when and who. There has never been a better time for homeowners to consider taking control of their energy. The question then becomes, who? Nerd Power has an approach that is unique by nature as we seek first to make a home more efficient and comfortable for a homeowner. Only after that, do we discuss energy production and taking control of this otherwise never ending utility cost. All that mumbo jumbo is simply a fancy way of saying we don't simply look for a quick ‘solar sale’. We take a holistic approach to home efficiency, power production and consumption, all while saving the homeowner money and making you look good for suggesting it.

Good Data = Good Business

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the service industry, Nerd Execs know one thing, communication with customers is key to a happy, long term customer. As a part of this program we actively reach out, with an approved script to your customer base, on the frequency of your choice for a ‘check in’.  Good business owners love this data but oftentimes don't have the bandwidth to gather it.  Good data makes good business. What's working, what's not, was a positive review left, was a secondary sale made, was there a specific message you want your customer to hear, maybe a simple ‘thank you’?  Communication and customer outreach is vital to a healthy business but often times gets lost in the shuffle. That’s where we can help.

Add Value On Our Dime

We allocate as many call center reps as needed to satisfy the volume and frequency to successfully contact your customer base. We add that value on our dime, communicate the message you wish, exactly how you want it while extrapolating positive reviews and reinforcing their great decision to do business with you. Imagine having extra employees on your staff that aren’t on your payroll. That’s every business owner's dream, right? The only thing we ask in return is at the end of each call, we ask the customer if they are interested in a free, in-home energy consultation. And rest assured that’s exactly what it is, a consultation. Not a hard sell.

Boost Profits

Repeat business, drip campaigns, target marketing, additional revenue sources are terms all business owners are familiar with, yet most would also admit they could do better on those fronts. As a part of our free in home consultation, when your customer chooses to take advantage of our renewable energy packages, we compensate you. An additional revenue source directly to your bottom line is just that easy. We call your customer, relay your message, give your thanks, offer additional items, send them a link to leave a 5 star Google review… AND when they choose to move forward with us, we send you unencumbered money to boost your profits.


"Nerd Power has been to work with. We didn’t even know the value of what we were missing out on until we started their program. The thought of having another company get referrals and online reviews for us was a totally new concept, one I never considered. Not to mention the customer satisfaction and revenue increase on the consultations they do with our customers. Very happy with them as a partner."

Brian Fitch

Point Security