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You've made the single most important choice in controlling your energy future. It's no small decision and we're honored you've chosen Nerd Power for your families smart energy needs!

With your Site Survey Appointment firmly on the calendar we'd like to share some important ownership information you'll need to know as we begin the exciting work of Nerdifying your home :


To ensure you never miss an important project milestone, Nerd Power communicates all your project updates and notifications via TEXT, we promise to reach out only when it's important! Between text notifications, you can always check your project timeline or reach us with a support ticket through your Nerd Customer Portal! 


Nerd Power's holistic energy approach has brought energy savings and increased comfort to thousands of homeowners just like you. For a small group of homeowners, a life changing event can occur AFTER install and result in a dramatic increase in energy usage. We designed your system with predictable energy consumption in mind, so if you decide to add a hot tub, a stable of Electric Vehicles, or your cousin Eddie suddenly moves in with his three kiddos, no matter the scenario, Nerd Power is here to help with the installation of additional solar panels to help your system offset the additional power brought on by those unpredictable energy demand increases. Oh and say hi to cousin Eddie for us!


By choosing Nerd Power you've taken a huge step in hedging the ever rising cost of utility generated power. That said, Nerd Power can't do a darn thing about those pesky and federally required grid connection fees. Each utility carries a small, unavoidable monthly connection fee. Required connection fees can vary widely, so be sure to reach out to your utility provider today to determine what your connection fee will be once your solar is activated. For additional information on Utility Connection Fees please visit your Nerd Customer Portal FAQ.


Once your solar is completely installed you'll want to reach out to your insurance provider to let them know about the smart energy addition to your roof. The good news is this shouldn't alter your premium by much, if at all, but will provide added coverage should any dramatic weather events impact your system, or roof, in the future. Your agent will need to know the final cost of the system, which can be found in your project receipt under the "Documents" section of your Nerd Customer Portal.


Last but not least, you'll need to log in to your Nerd Customer Portal! From the comprehensive FAQ, to submitting referrals and earning up to $350 each, it's all there. Please watch the walkthrough video below to learn how to navigate your Customer Portal and become a Certified Nerd . . .

Login using the primary email associated with your Nerd Power project

You can reach our friendly Certified Support Nerds by submitting a support ticket in your customer portal or by calling (866) 572-2637 ext. #1.

We interviewed 3 solar companies. Sun Run, Fusion and Nerd Power in that order. When Karl Goodman sat down at our kitchen table it was a game changer. If you want to understand the process, the technology and never have a stressful moment during the whole process. No matter what your needs are like in our case we needed a new AC etc. . . . Karl Goodman and Nerd Power is where you should invest.

Tiffany Samuelson

Nerd Customer



A NERD POWER Exclusive! Nerd Power believes your system should provide you predictable and worry free production long after install. For this reason every Nerd Power system comes with a bumper-to-bumper 25 YEAR warranty. The warranty is attached to your account, transferable, simple and it’s all yours.



Solar adds value to your home. As a Nerd Partner your project includes a comprehensive, complimentary Pearl Certification Report (generated after system activation) that’ll set your home apart from the neighbor’s. It really pays to be a Nerd!