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Automated Hiring Webinar

Appointment Setter Qualifying Phase 1


Here is What You'll Learn

  •  Company Intro Learn about the owners and how NERD POWER came to be. This is where you learn the meaning of our company name.
  • Bonus Structure The bonus structure allows you to double an hourly income working around your neighborhood. Learn about it through our webinar.
  • Team Structure Our canvassing teams are comprised of experienced Team Leaders. NERD teams are led by the industries best in sales operations.
  • Solar Basics Learn about the benefits of solar and reasons why people are turning to this cheaper and cleaner energy source.
  • Pay Structure Pay is the most aggressive in the industry and pays handsomely for the best talent and hard work. Hourly and Bonuses are paid bi-weekly on Fridays.
  • Pitch The script is perfectly written to generate guaranteed success.


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About Nerd Power

Since 2015 Nerd Power's provided Arizona Residents with the best in Residential and commercial solar and energy reduction technology. By 2030 solar and wind power is expected to make up 20% of our earths energy, and we are excited to do our part. Times have changed and we are excited to move our lead generation teams over to remote work done from home. Complete the 2 phase process, pass your tests, and join us in our cause.