What is Residential Solar Power?

Residential solar power is a clean and renewable energy source that can be used to produce electricity for your home’s energy needs.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, and the U.S. has some of the richest solar resources in the world. The team at N.E.R.D. Power works with the latest photovoltaic (PV) technology to create customized solutions that maximize your home’s ability to harness the solar power necessary to satisfy your energy needs while containing costs.

Solar Power Benefits

These days, more and more people are talking about the benefits of residential solar power. Many homeowners are excited about the opportunity of purchasing or upgrading to a solar home, and with good reason.

Solar power can increase the value of your property and in some cases, can expedite the sale of your home when the time arises. Also, depending on your state of residence, by installing solar panels on your home, you may be eligible for the added benefit of receiving a state tax credit in addition to a federal tax credit for your residential solar power system.

Solar Made Simple

When it comes to managing energy more efficiently and in the smartest way possible, trust in a N.E.R.D. With experienced engineers, unrivaled knowledge, and cutting-edge technology spanning the full spectrum of your residential solar power needs, the team at N.E.R.D. Power has you covered.

Residential Solar Power Done Right

From initial installation to equipment replacement, N.E.R.D. Power has the residential solar power solutions you want, all tailored to your individual needs. Our team excels at providing our clients with the best residential solar options, and we offer unparalleled insight into maximizing the efficiency of your solar power design.

Explore the benefits that await you with residential solar power from N.E.R.D. Power.

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