IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your system comes with monitoring and it is your responsibility to monitor its performance. That being said, solar systems typically require very little maintenance. So, you can sit back and relax – if the sun is shining, your panels are likely generating power! However, a high utility bill or something not looking right in the monitoring platform, can be alarming. Allow at least 90 days after install for the system and your utility bill to normalize. Each utility is different in how they handle billing for solar customers. Your system will typically produce more energy than your home uses in the late fall, winter and early spring. Most utilities provide a credit for the amount of energy you send back to the grid that can then be used to offset the summer months (SRP excluded) when you use more energy than your system produces. Because of this, the time of year that your solar system is activated can also impact your bill. If your system is activated in the summer, you may not see as large of a savings in the beginning due to the utility billing and solar credit process. Other things to think about for summer billing are the facts that high heat reduces solar cell efficiency and solar systems typically are not sized to offset all of your power in the summer, so you may see a higher utility bill in the summer months than other times of the year. As for monitoring alerts, we receive alerts from the monitoring system if something isn’t working properly. We are very proactive about this and we have a process for reviewing and troubleshooting these alerts. If needed, we will get in touch with you to schedule a site visit. If your system sent a reporting issue alert, try these links: Enphase Troubleshooting or SolarEdge Support Center