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Welcome to the Nerdfam! It's what we say to everyone who joins us in our uncompromising mission to move our energy dependence away from yucky, dumb systems to cleaner, more sustainable, interconnected  solutions.  We think that is a mission fit for all of you superheroes out there - come join the NerdFam, your kind is welcome here!  

"Nerd Power is a great company with a great mission. Helping homeowners reduce their energy leakage before producing energy through solar! The CEO is such a down to earth, and humble person. The entire staff here are like family, California to Texas!"

Dakota Procell

San Antonio, TX  / Support Hero

That's Smart

Our Motto explains how we feel about our mission in the simplest of terms... Thats Smart. We believe that being smart involves one key rule of thumb: Use good Judgement in all situations. If you are able to abide by that one rule, everything else usually falls into place.

Nerdy By Nature

Nerds are the fastest growing group of tech smart, energy and environmentally conscious guys and gals in history. Not to mention we rock some really cool PJ's and our trivia game skills are unmatched. So if that sounds like you, then embrace your nerdy tendencies, may the force be with you, live long and prosper and lets Nerdify your life... Welcome to the Nerdfam!

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