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We take a more holistic approach to solar energy by updating your home or business with the latest energy reducing technologies, then addressing the remaining energy your home or business requires with renewable energy solutions, like solar.

Going Solar has never been easier!

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Nerdify the Planet

Whether it's a residential or commercial building Nerd Power can improve and optimize your energy needs.

Gilbert Solar

Nerd Power offers a holistic approach to home energy. It's not as simple as taking a glance at your usage and slapping panels on the roof.

Arizona Solar

With an extensive background in commercial energy management, we offer turn-key solutions for production and reduction

Gabriel Burt is an amazing man. Super smart and knows how to do his job as well as knows what he’s talking about. Gabriel is super helpful and considerate about when I was able to schedule and worked well with my timing and very cordial !!!

Mya Fontes

Nerd Customer

Elizabeth Wright with Nerd Power was great! She had a lot of hoops to jump through with getting us taken care of to get solar for our place. She kept us up to date on everything that was going on. Great company and great work by Elizabeth. Highly recommend!

Justin McCabe

Nerd Customer

We've Completed Some
Awesome Projects

Nerd Power recently completed a  construction on Desert Storm Elite in Scottsdale, Arizona. We installed a 63kW solar energy system which included a custom ballasted design for the owner to eliminate all roof penetrations!

Why Choose Nerd Power?

Nerd Power has pioneered a unique approach to solar energy. We call it "Reduction Before Production". Simply put, we work to reduce the energy your home or business uses/wastes by installing smart technologies, before considering clean energy production solutions like PV solar panels. This allows for a more cost effective energy system and a better long term investment for our customers.

Arizona Solar Energy
Mesa Solar Energy
Gilbert Solar Energy Company

Nerd Power launched in 2015 when head Nerd and CEO Babe Kilgore envisioned a path to smarter energy for us all... Reduce before you Produce. With a clear mission, a truck load of dad jokes armed with enough brain power to make Albert Einstein perk up, he began building the smart energy company of tomorrow. Since then Nerd Power's been finding people just like you who are ready to take back control of their energy, make their Dungeons and Dragons lair more cozy, be a good human being, save a little "cashola" and together re-image how we use energy and care for our planet.

Over the years, the NerdFam has become more of a NerdNation. Dedicated to ensuring your home is serviced by local certified Nerds, Nerd Power has a network of offices near your home. Wherever you see a Nerdified home, you'll find certified Nerds close by.

Much like television and data plans, your utility company may offer many different rate plans. To complicate things further, different states and cities may have different policies regarding energy usage and how a solar system works for your home. Your plan should work in conjunction with your solar system to ensure that you are receiving the maximum savings for your lifestyle. Your energy freedom is not just financial but also how comfortably you can use electricity to fit your schedule and your lifestyle. Nerd Power hires and trains experts who understand your different utility plan options and will help design a system that fits both your lifestyle and your plan for optimal savings.

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