If You Like Nerds, Raise Your Hand.
If You Don't, Raise Your Standards.

Nerd Power launched in 2015 when head Nerd and CEO Babe Kilgore envisioned a path to smarter energy for us all... Reduce before you Produce. With a clear mission, a truck load of dad jokes armed with enough brain power to make Albert Einstein perk up, he began building the smart energy company of tomorrow. Since then Nerd Power's been finding people just like you who are ready to take back control of their energy, make their Dungeons and Dragons lair more cozy, be a good human being, save a little "cashola" and together re-image how we use energy and care for our planet.

Working Smarter Not Harder

We have a principle we call:  "It's the same money"; here is what you need to understand:  the cost of converting to solar and upgrading the energy efficiency of your home or business is likely lower than what you are currently paying your utility company.  So if you are going to spend that money no matter what, why not invest that money in your property instead of sending it to the utility company? 

Upgrade & Produce

Your home (or business) is leaking energy, and it's costing you money. We first reduce the energy your home or business uses so that it is both comfortable and efficient. Nerd Power will then design a PV solar system to accommodate your updated energy needs.  These energy reduction and production upgrades ensure that your home or business is achieving optimal energy efficiency.

Nerd Power Arizona Solar


Nerd Power, along with our technology partners provide you with applications that allow for convenient self-monitoring.  A Nerd Power system gives you the power (pun intended) to watch your savings in real time for decades to come.   With experienced engineers, unrivaled knowledge and cutting-edge technology, the team at Nerd Power has got you covered.

Nerd Power AZ Solar


Most people won't pay more to go green.  While those people do exist (bless their green hearts), we can't expect that everyone will be that generous with their hard-earned money.  As we mentioned before, the money you would have spent on your electric utility bill, is now being used to invest in your home or business.  So you get to contribute to a cleaner planet by using less energy and producing clean solar power - and you get to save money at the same time - it's a win-win-win!

Nerd Power Texas Solar

Welcome to the Nerd Nation

Over the years, the NerdFam has become more of a NerdNation. Dedicated to ensuring your home is serviced by local certified Nerds, Nerd Power has a network of offices near your home. Wherever you see a Nerdified home, you'll find certified Nerds close by.

Smart Energy. Smart People.
Smart Planet

With help from people like you, Nerd Power will continue to make our planet a little cleaner (and smarter) every day.