Pearl Certification
Who Is Pearl?

Pearl is a team of energy conscious gurus setting the standard for how the real estate market values smart energy upgrades. Since being hand selected by Pearl to join their elite group of top level contractors, our Nerd Partners benefit by receiving an in-depth Pearl Report to calculate the value each Nerdy energy investment brings to YOUR home. Nerdified and Pearl Certified homes typically increase in value by up to 5%, which means greater peace of mind and comfort on day one! Pearl calls it "CERTIFACTION", at Nerd Power, we like to say, THAT'S SMART!

How it Works

Future buyers want to SEE the value of the new energy-saving investments you’ve made with Nerd Power and Pearl gives you the right tools to maximize that value at the time of sale or refi with a complete home energy report, appraisal addendum along with value added letters for the appraiser, lender and buyer. When marketed properly, your Pearl Certified and Nerdified home can sell faster to those energy conscious homebuyers looking for a turn key Smart Energy Home. 

The Pearl Score

Building Shell

The roof, walls, windows and foundation create the barrier between the outside and inside of your home

Heating & Cooling

Equipment like your furnace and air conditioner as well as the ductwork keep your home at the right temperature


Equipment such as your water heaters, appliances and electronics use a consistent amount of energy year-round, no matter what temperature it is outside.

Home Management

The roof, walls, windows and foundation create the barrier between the outside and inside of your home

Renewable Energy & Energy Source

The solar panels, inverter, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers that provide investment-grade documentation

Third Party Verification

A Pearl Certification offers the third party verification of your energy investments to provide the authority and documentation you’ll need should you ever decide to move.  

Green Energy
Solar Savings

More than Curb Appeal

Pearl’s unique reports take you past curb appeal by communicating every energy feature your home brings to market. Selling a Pearl Certified home is quicker for the seller, buyer and everyone in between.

Solar Benefits

Super Agents

When it’s time to sell your home, Pearl Partner agents are at your request. These professionals are certified in energy efficiency and know exactly how to connect you with buyers who value your home’s energy features the most.